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The term ‘parge coat’ refers to the application of a thin coat of a cementitious or polymeric mortar to concrete or masonry walls. A parge coat can reduce air leakage through cracks, joints and porous wall constructions and so reduce energy consumption and improve comfort and acoustic performance. It can also be used to prepare a surface for a topcoat.

What Is Parging?

The process of parging generally refers to the application of a cement coating, which is applied over a wall surface, such as over a foundation, or exterior wall. Most common is the process of parging over a concrete foundation. Marina Stucco has extensive experience in parging applications in the Calgary area and can assist with your projects needs.

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What Is The Purpose Of Parging?

Parging cement can have several variations in terms of the elements used in the particular concrete mixture used. Such elements can include latex based colours, fiber materials designed to add strength, or different mix ratios in the concrete itself, depending on the purpose of the application. Such work typically falls in the domain of the mason’s craft. Exposed portions of foundations which are visible above grade, are commonly parged to provide extra protection for the poured concrete, or block construction foundation walls. It also results in a neat finished appearance.

Other examples of parging can be seen on an exterior garden or retaining walls, and on exterior structural walls. A skilled plaster application makes parging look simple; but it requires considerable practice to achieve a smooth appearance. Textured appearances may also be achieved by adding such materials as pebbles or smooth rocks applied to cement coating materials.

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