Stucco Gallery

Take a look at some of the stucco repair and projects our skilled team has worked on in the Calgary and surrounding area. You’ll find new stucco houses, new or old stucco, parging, exterior painting, stucco repairs and more. Each project is unique and comes with its own challenges, but drawing on our extensive experience and talented team, we overcome them and ensure our customers have a quality result that we can all be proud of. Have fun exploring these projects and if you’re looking for any specific examples, please reach out to us.

Parging Gallery

View our parging cement projects completed in Calgary and the surrounding area. Use parging for extra protection on concrete foundations, exterior structural walls, or retaining walls. 

If your home or business is in need of parging services, contact us today. 

Masonry Gallery

Whether you’re looking for stone masonry on the exterior of your home, a new fireplace, or bricklaying services for your business we’ve got you covered. View some of our projects below and if you’re interested in learning more please contact us